Sofas and things

There’s a doorway across the street from us that I guess leads to an upholstery shop, because often there are sofas and chairs in an array of colors  on the sidewalk. The other day, I saw a truck carrying a loveseat unlike anything I’ve seen: it was white with gold trim, and the back of the loveseat was about four feet tall – very throne-like. It made me wonder whose house it was going to.

Across the street from the sofa place are several small houses/storefronts with an alleyway that leads down into a little neighborhood. There are always a lot of people sitting on the sidewalk talking, and usually several babies crawling around their feet. For a while, there would be a woman bathing her toddler son in a plastic tub as I was coming home from work. Often there will be a line of used appliances for sale on the sidewalk. Sometimes it looks like one place is serving food. There’s usually a table with two or three folks playing a board game of some sort. Lots of activity for a 60-foot space.

For those of you who remember how much trouble I had trying to bend my leg again after that bad break in 2019, look at this! I can cross my legs and get about 95% into a yoga baby pose – yay!


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