Back in the office

John watching a storm roll in last week

After a COVID test first thing Monday morning, we were cleared to return to the office. It seemed strange to be up and dressed after five weeks! The week flew by as we got back into the groove.

Matthew and Ana brought their kids over yesterday to watch “Godzilla vs Kong.” Ana brought a platter of amazing Indonesian food – not only was it delicious but she had decorated it with banana leaves, so it was lovely to look at, too.

John and I had a nice dinner on the balcony at Alyson and Rick’s last night – it was fun to catch up with them. They were on R&R right before us, so we hadn’t socialized since February. We’ll hate to see them go this summer.

We had at least one big storm this week – I’m glad to see rainy season again.

Cousin David keeping an eye on our condo! We miss it!

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