July already?

It’s really hard to believe it’s July already! Time is moving quickly in many regards. It’s been a very rainy weekend – the sun just came out for the first time probably since last week sometime. I’ve completely enjoyed the rain – often very heavy – this weekend. And speaking of weekends, I’ve had one! For the first time since I can remember, I didn’t work on Saturday. Instead, I finished “Their Eyes Were Watching God” and started “Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter” (which I finished today).

John and I watched an old movie last night, “Local Hero,” that he came across somewhere – it was fun. And we’ve been laughing so very hard over a ventriloquist named Nina Conti- look for her and Monkey on You Tube. We got so into her skits that we watched her documentary, as well – fascinating (we’re adding Vent Haven in Kentucky on our bucket list…where ventriloquist “dummies” go to retire. We finished “The Valhalla Murders” and enjoyed the Icelandic scenery, and started a new season of “Unforgotten.”

COVID numbers seem to be going down here, but they are still higher than they ever were last year, so we continue to watch closely. We’re staying on skeleton staffing for now.

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