Breezy evenings

Gorgeous sunsets this week

John and I enjoyed several evenings on the balcony after work, watching the pretty sunsets over the Atlantic and enjoying a nice breeze. I dread the return of dry season when it seems hotter and the sky isn’t as pretty.

Bidding season opened officially on Monday and it’s about all John and I talk about — and will talk about for weeks to come! He had a couple of interviews this week, and we both have more next week. There aren’t a lot of attractive options for both of us, so we’ll just have to see what the bidding gods have in store for us.

We had a nice vendor fair on Friday afternoon. I bought a little doll (made by the woman in the photo) to send as a gift to an expecting friend, along with a handmade dress made by a women’s coop here.

The Marines had a talent show last night, and John performed a couple of fun illusions – and made a lot of kids happy afterward with his balloon animals!

John working his magic

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