Time is moving fast

It’s hard to believe we’re already at the end of January 2022. The weeks seem to be going by faster.

I had a good visit with Ann, Pam, and Jackie last Sunday. Last night I spent time with a few co-workers – the first socialization I’ve done in a long time. Since we had a COVID spike in December, we’ve really been keeping to ourselves but now that the number of cases is declining again, it’s nice to see folks a little bit.

I finished reading “Peril,” and enjoyed it. This morning I read Sarah Vowell’s book of essays, “Take the Cannoli” – it’s really good and made me laugh out loud a few times. I had never heard of her before (guess I haven’t listened to “This American Life” in a long time), but I heard an interview she did with Alan Alda on his “Clear and Vivid” podcast (thanks, Ann). She’s very witty and thoughtful.

John and I were on the edge of our seat watching the last of “Tehran,” an Israeli-Iran spy show. We’ve started the new season of “Ozark” and have gotten drawn back into it. We also watched a good, wry documentary about Kenny G, “Listening to Kenny G” that’s worth watching, too.

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