Chuck, Ruth, Bill, Frank

Talk about a relaxing week! I’ve basically done nothing and it feels great! We’re really taking it easy. The days for me have been distinguished primary by what I’ve eaten – otherwise, they have pretty much blurred together. It’s been nice to have Aunt Bonnie come over for a few dinners and get to see her.

We did get out on Thursday night to visit with some of my old high school friends. We went to Chuck’s cool apartment downtown and visited with Frank, Bill and a couple of other people. It didn’t feel like 30 years had gone by since the last time I did that! They look great and pretty much are the same witty guys they’ve always been.

On Friday morning, we drove to Mountain Home to spend the weekend with John’s parents. Out for a good steak dinner Friday night, and Ginger’s yummy enchiladas on Saturday night. We hadn’t been up that way for about three years and it was great to be there again.

We came back to Hot Springs today, and I’m looking forward to another relaxing week!

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