Rainy season already?

Stormy weather!

We’ve had a few storms come through lately – it seems early for the rainy season, but maybe not!

We had a nice dinner out at Mamba Point with a German diplomat, Peter, and his wife Lia who was visiting from DC. They were lots of fun – and we discovered they had gone to Sabi Sabi for a safari many years ago – small world! Later in the week we went back to the hotel for dinner with Mike and Carolyn to talk about their bidding – another nice evening. Friday night, I went with John to his book club (despite not having read the book). I had fun listening to them discuss “Lincoln in the Bardo” and enjoyed the hospitality of Sonya and Jeff.

We’re still organizing for pack-out, but made time last night to watch Kenneth Branagh’s “Murder on the NIle” – it was fun and had some actors we like. I finished reading “Nives,” a fun work of fiction by Sasha Naspini – I kept thinking of what a good stage play it would make, or even just a reading. It’s primarily a telephone conversation between two people but with lots of twists and turns.

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