Hot as you-know-what

Lordy, it is hot here! It was hot last week, too – I feel like I’m back in Africa!

We said bye to James and Marybeth this week – we had them over for drinks on Monday, then we all met David and Alison for dinner at Rocky’s. Muffy came to Hot Springs on Tuesday; we had lunch at 1217, then hung out at the condo yakking all afternoon. That night, Julie and Scott hosted us for a wine & food pairing dinner – so nice! They made some delicious goodies and we had some excellent wines. John spent Wednesday in Mt. Ida with his friend Russ while I did some admin things around the house and visited with David and Alison before Alison, Peewee, and I went out shopping and had dinner at Red Oak. Thursday John and I went for massages (love Janet at Effective Massage); I had a great food truck burger and drove out to Gulpha Gorge to eat it. I had a fun video chat on Friday with my Foreign Service friend Stacie who’s now back in the States after finishing her tour in Africa. Yesterday was our first POA annual meeting – it was a good occasion to finally meet some of our neighbors! Afterwards we had Mexican food out, then went for facials (self care!). I ended the afternoon with coffee at David and Alison’s.

We finished “Homeland” and “Tehran,” and have been watching “The Old Man” and “Modus,” a Scandy series – although these fictional stories can’t hold a candle to the gripping testimony from top Republicans in House Select Committee hearings on January 6th, which we watched on Tuesday and Thursday of this week. It was jaw dropping to hear the lengths some people went to to try to overturn the results.

Friday’s announcement that SCOTUS had overturned Roe v. Wade was also stunning – let’s just leave that there.

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