Buenos Aires!

We arrived safely in Buenos Aires this morning after flying from Little Rock via Atlanta. The trip went smoothly and Flavia did well on the long flight (10 hours from ATL) – we had a nail biter on Friday trying to get her travel papers from the vet in Hot Springs, but they finally arrived via email around 5:30 PM – I spent the day worrying if they would arrive in time which was not fun, but all’s well that end’s well. Chuck took me to lunch at a new-to-me Mexican place which got my mind off of it for a while, at least, and it was great to see him once more before I left.

We went to see fireworks with our friend Rick last Sunday night and got ensnarled in the thick of a traffic jam, but we had a bird’s eye view of the fun. He left Monday morning after breakfast; we spent that afternoon with David and Alison and Peewee, along with Alison’s sisters and brothers-in-law who we had not previously met. It was lots of fun and we had yummy hot dogs — and boy was it hot, too!

The rest of the week went by in a flash – the movers came to pack out an air shipment, I went to Little Rock for a haircut and had several other appointments for “self-care.”

We had a farewell dinner with David and Alison Friday night and enjoyed good margaritas and taco salads – and before we knew it, we were on a plane to our new home!

Flavia in her travel carrier

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