Rainy new year

Flavie living her best life in the sun!

The new year is starting off cloudy and rainy here in Buenos Aires, but otherwise it’s definitely summertime. We had a fun brunch at our house yesterday with several friends around the table – lots of good food, conversation, and champagne!

Last Monday was a holiday, so Lea and I ventured out to La Alacena for a good Italian lunch – I walked there and back, going through new neighborhoods. I took Friday off from work, mostly to get things ready for Saturday’s brunch.

Christmas evening, we finally watched the new “Top Gun” movie – it was so much fun! We had watched the original one during home leave in preparation for the new one, but then never got around to seeing it in the theatre. We’ve also been watching “Slow Horses” and “Treason,” another British spy series. I read “Happiness is a Choice You Make” and Sanjay Gupta’s “Keep Sharp.” I’m not as much of a reader as John, but I did finish 48 books in 2022 according to GoodReads!

I don’t think I mentioned it here in the blog, but Nancy Stiles passed away a couple of weeks ago. She and Dail were so good to me over the years – she and I had more than one gin and tonics together. She will be missed.

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