This heat!

John at Corte Comedor

My phone is showing 99 degrees today, and it was 97 yesterday. It’s not so humid but it’s toasty, for sure! John and I didn’t get our bikes out, as it was already 85 and climbing by 8:30 each morning.

Last Sunday we ventured out to Corte Comedor for a parrilla lunch – the sides were my favorite: eggplant drizzled with yogurt and then grilled veggies. Today we went to Carneros – the food was delish and we liked the ambiance and service, too.

Refreshing lemonade with mint and ginger at Corte

Yesterday I ran a couple of errands around noon (proud of myself for navigating new parts of town in the car), and walked up to see the animals for adoption later in afternoon. The Greyhound (probably really a Galgo) was still there, but I read a bit about them and they are not recommended for households with cats, as they like to chase small animals – alas!

I went to happy hour with Lea and Kat on Thursday after work, and Friday evening John and I went to a going-away party for a colleague. I was happy to visit with my A-100 friend Jamie quite a bit – always fun to catch up with him.

I read “Wild, Weird, and Wonderful,” another photo book by Mark Sloan, my friend Mara’s dad. The photos were from the early 1900s by F.W. Glasier, a Massachusetts photographer – fascinating. I also finished “What my Bones Know” by Stephanie Foo, a former “This American Life” producer.

Full moon

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