134th Reunion

Jamie, Kat, Lisa, Justin & John

We had fun Thursday night at dinner with our A-100 (Foreign Service orientation) colleagues Justin and Jamie. We were happy to see Justin and his wife Lisa while they were in town from their post in Santiago for a conference. It was fun to catch up and laugh!

Yesterday John and I played tourist and took a group tour to Tigre, which is about 30 km from Buenos Aires. We boarded a boat not too far from our apartment in Puerto Madero, and navigated up the Rio de Plata to the canals of Tigre – it was fun to see the houses in the canals and watch the various boats deliver services to them (like the supermarket boat) – you can only reach their houses by water. We docked at the mainland, had an empanada lunch, then went to a bustling market. We returned to Buenos Aires by bus, stopping at a cathedral and handicrafts market on the way home. It was super-touristy, but we really enjoyed it!

Today John took me to lunch at Fervor, an “old-school” restaurant that we really enjoyed. The drizzle had stopped by the time we finished lunch, so we drove over to San Telmo and walked through the Sunday flea market – very fun. When we got back home, I had a video chat with Ann, Pam, and Jackie, then John and I chatted with our good friend Rick from his TDY location in Casablanca. Great to catch up with everyone!

Click here to see photos from our trip to Puerto Valle! Here are a few, as well.

Funny capybaras – they are BIG!
In the estuary
Sundown in the estuary – it looks like a moonscape!
John watching the Yerba mate production
Driveway into the lodge – a bamboo cathedral
Howler monkeys on the river!
Marsh deer
Beginning of sunset in the estuary
Relaxing on our porch looking at the Parana River – not too shabby!

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