Winter in Buenos Aires

Massive gum tree in Recoleta

I love these trees in Recoleta – the internet says they are gum/rubber trees (“gomero” in Spanish). They are massive! I stopped to photograph this one as we were walking home from a yummy vegetarian brunch at Marti, where Lea and I have gone a couple of times. It is chilly but sunny today, and lots of people are out at the weekend arts and crafts fair by the cemetery and at a gastronomic fair at the nearby French Plaza.

The same was true yesterday – we stopped by the annual coffee fair across the street from the embassy. Lots of coffee shops set up tents to sell food and coffee – it was good people- and dog-watching. We also went to Villa Crespo neighborhood to walk around a bit – the leather stores were open but nothing caught our eye.

Earlier this week it was cold and rainy, so the sun was welcome. We had a farewell event for my boss on Friday at Bosch Palace — champagne and cake — before he takes off next week.

I had a great chat with my friend Nomi yesterday.

I binged on a podcast called “Scamanda” this week (really? fake cancer to get donations?), and John and I are binging on the series, “The Lincoln Lawyer.” We also watched this week’s episode of “Hijack,” with Idris Elba. I finished Jeannette Walls’ “Hang the Moon” and started “The Book of Charlie: Wisdom from the Remarkable Life of a 109-Year-Old Man.” And I was glad to see Alcaraz win Wimbledon today – I saw him play at the Argentine Open last December.

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