Marine Ball last week

Spring is really here now – the jacarandas are starting to bloom and the weather has been crazy. It stormed all afternoon and evening Friday (postponing a much-anticipated Taylor Swift concert) – I loved the rain because we were snugly tucked inside for the Veterans’ Day holiday.

Last Sunday I went to our new, small book club at the very fancy brunch at the Alvear Hotel – a fun venue to discuss “Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow.” While the book wasn’t really my cup of tea, it was a fun outing with friends.

Yesterday was busy running errands and it was nice to have Thai food delivered in the evening. We’ve been watching “Dopesick” with Michael Keaton and we are really riveted by it (what a horrible, horrible story of greed). I enjoyed reading “Phil,” an unauthorized biography of the golfing great, this week, and just started a new book, “Surrounded by Idiots” – it’s not as pessimistic as it sounds!

Flavia, sound asleep

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