I had a great time at the Argentine Open tennis tournament this week! After watching some of the qualifying rounds last Saturday, I went back on Monday to see the first round. First Djere beat Cilic, then I got to see Stan Warinka beat Cachin. Stan is a long-time favorite of mine, so it was fun to see him in person!

Stan the Man

John went with me on Saturday and Sunday for the semis and then the finals. In the semis, we saw two Argentines play, Diaz Acosta and Coria, followed by what really should have been the tournament final: #2 ranked Alcaraz vs #21 ranked Jarry. In a big twist, Jarry won over Alcaraz and then the #87 ranked Diaz Acosta beat Jarry! John and I would have certainly lost any bets on the outcome! The weather was perfect and we had a great time!

Monday and Tuesday were local holidays, so on Tuesday I finally devoted some time to my Antarctic photos. I curated them down to a manageable size to share – click here if you’d like to take a look. Goodness, baby penguins are adorable!

This week I read “The Psychology of Money” – I think I read it before, but it was fast and had some good reminders in it. We finished the season of “Poker Face,” which we’ve enjoyed, as well as “Criminal Record.” We started “Expats” with Nicole Kidman last night.

John was sweet to bring me flowers on Valentine’s Day. On the 13th, Mom would have been 99. It’s hard to believe she’s been gone nine years now.

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