Another week in paradise

John and I enjoyed our last week of vacation in Arkansas. We drove to Fayetteville Monday to see his family and spent the night at Phillip and Michele’s where we were happy to meet Phoebe the dog and enjoy their screened in porch among the trees. We got in some good visiting time with Pete and Ginger, too!

John and Pete

Mary drove down from Little Rock to visit us on Wednesday afternoon. Thursday after yoga I went to Chuck’s house to have a coffee and catch up with him; afterward I drove to Arkadelphia to see my half-brother Danny and his wife Georgia and daughter Christi. I hadn’t seen them in years and it was good to visit.

With Danny
…and Christi
And Georgia!

The rest of the week we just goofed off and enjoyed ourselves. We had some good quality time with David and Alison, as always – I enjoy my afternoon coffees with them. John and I enjoyed watching “War and Peace,” “Middlemarch,” and “Les Miserables” (can you tell John is on a classics kick?). We also enjoyed “Dune 2.”

Saturday we met Kelly H at the airport as she was returning to North Carolina and we were heading back to Argentina. Then – just like that – it was time to board our flights and come back to the real world. I was happy to see Flavia well taken care of by Pilar while we were gone.

Until next time, Hot Springs!


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