San Telmo

Iconic San Telmo

We had a lovely afternoon today. We met up in San Telmo with John’s old friends from his Systematic days, Martin, his wife Rosario, Hernan, and his wife Sandra. We started out at the Museo Moderno, poked around the Sunday market at Dorrego Square, then sat down for a bit at the cozy restaurant at the Hilton Anselmo. It was fun to catch up on such a gorgeous day outside!

At the museum: this is me on Monday mornings
At the museum

It was a busy week. John and I went to the Sofitel Hotel on Tuesday night to celebrate their 60th anniversary (we do a lot of business with them). It was fun to hob-nob a little bit. Yesterday I walked up to have lunch with Jenae at Cafe Mishiguene – she’ll be leaving Argentina next week. It was a nice bookend for me: we worked together on our first tour in Juarez.

John and I are enjoying Michael Douglas as “Franklin,” and we’re waiting anxiously each week for the next episode of “Presumed Innocent” to come out. And – don’t judge – but I enjoyed bingeing on a few episodes of “America’s Sweethearts: the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders”!

I finished “The Gate at the Stairs” (don’t recommend) and have started “Entitled,” by Kate Manne.

Here are our photos from the Sofitel event, walking down a hall of lights.

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