Yesterday we got up really early and, along with our good friend Cathy, drove down to the Tidal Basin to see the cherry blossoms. We got there while it was still dark and got to watch the light change over the Basin and the Jefferson Memorial. Very pretty, and we were happy to beat the crowds. We have an old friend of John’s from Mountain Home to thank for inviting us down, and John got to visit with her, too. Click here for more photos.

There wasn’t a lot going on this week, other than studying. It was rainy and colder earlier in the week, but now the weather is perfect.

Last Sunday afternoon at a “meet and greet”, we met several officers who just got their assignments to Ciudad Juarez. It was a treat to see our Consular Chief from CJ, Laura, and our friend Dean, who will be going to CJ as Principal Officer this summer.

Friday night, we went to Woolly Mammoth Theatre to see a magician, Rich Bloch. It was a lot of fun – he’s an older fellow and his act is old-school and funnny. I was happy to see the theatre itself – it’s modern and fun, and it made me want to go to more theatre.

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