Latte da

John’s a happy camper because he got his new espresso maker this week; I’m happy because he’s making me lattes in the morning with his good home-roasted coffee. It’s like a science experiment in the kitchen – strange, gurgling, steaming noises and all kinds of doo-dads: scales, measuring cups, tampers, grinders and I don’t know what-all. In the end, though, a nice latte emerges!

Workwise, it was an interesting week. I finished the section of training for immigrant visas and now am studying non-immigrant visas. Thursday, I went to a brown bag lunch to hear Ambassador Harty speak – she never ceases to inspire me. (Her stories always make me tear up.) That same night, we went to a small group session at Main State with Ambassador Moller that John had put together. He has started a group whose members are officers who began their careers with State when they were over the age of 40. Ambassador Moller offered insights based on her own experience. She is very charming and energetic, and the group really appreciated her time and advice.

Socially, it was another fun week. Monday charades (fun!); Wednesday dinner with friends at Ray’s the Steaks (incredible steaks); dinner with a friend Thursday; and last night, we went back to Huong Viet for dinner, then went to a small party at a friend’s apartment here at the Oakwood.

I’ve neglected to mention reading lately. Since classes started back in earnest, I haven’t been able to read a lot, but recently I finished two good books, Special Topics in Calamity Physics by Marisha Pessl and About Alice by Calvin Trillin. Marisha Pessl has a very quirky writing style (you can sort of get the drift if you go to the web page), so it took me a bit to get used to it, but once I did, I really enjoyed the book. She uses some great analogies. I also enjoyed About Alice; it was a slim volume – more like a long essay than book – and it’s a eulogy of sorts to his wife Alice. Both were good reads.

The cats are enjoying the sun this morning!


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