On the run

Sev and Gil

This was another very busy – but fun – week.

We started off by going downtown to see Christopher Hitchens, one of John’s favorite pundits, talk about his new book. The talk was in a synagogue, and it was fun to be able to read some of the Hebrew around the building.

Monday night, we went to Harry’s with Rebecca from CJ – she was the Deputy IV Chief while we were there, and we always enjoyed visiting with her and her husband Mike – they are both very witty and funny.

Tuesday afternoon, I took Flavie for her appointment with the vet, to get her move process started. After that, I picked up Gil at his hotel, and we met Sev and his girlfriend at a bar in Old Town Alexandria. On the way home, we stopped by James McCully’s house to say hi – he is teaching voice lessons out here. It was great to see all of those guys. Click to see more photos with Gil, Sev and James.

Wednesday night we were back at Harry’s, this time to meet John’s friend from his old Systematics’ days, Tabitha. We had a good visit with her and her family.

Thursday night we went to Georgetown for dinner with Caroline and Harold from CJ – Caroline was my supervisor there for a while, and they were regulars in John’s book club. We had a good dinner and good conversation with them.

Friday and Saturday we just relaxed and studied. Friday night we watched a couple of episodes of Law & Order that we had recorded. Last night, we watched “The Blind Side,” which was a wonderful tear-jerker!

With James

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