Made it through Week 2

So today completes Week 2 of our A-100 (Orientation) class! It was a big week because we turned in our “bid lists,” our list of preferences for our first posting. John and I selected the following posts as our highest preferences: Mexico City, Honduras, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Venezuela and Brazil. Second choices were other posts in Mexico (border towns), India, China, Korea and Africa. The Mexico City post is interesting for us, because it would give John an especially good position there, but honestly, we’d be pretty happy anywhere. Our bidding process was a little different from that of our classmates because we could really just bid on posts where there were at least two job openings.

We met with our Career Development Officer this morning, and were pleased with her comments — primarily because she felt like our bids were sensible and gave her a lot of work with.

Our little group of folks staying here at the Oakwood Apartments got together for a BBQ mid-week, which was a lot of fun. We plan to do it every Sunday night from here on.

The cats are doing fine. Noodle is just a dream cat, and Flavia is coming out from under the bed more and more – although any little thing still spooks her and sends her running back under the bed. But she is getting better, bless her little heart!

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