Taking it easy

This week wasn’t so hectic, which was nice, and, mid-week, the weather took a break from being really hot and humid.

We went out for a short bike ride last Sunday morning, although we went a little too late and it was already sweltering outside, so we cut it short after about six miles.

Friday night, we had a going-away dinner with Michael, Suzanne, and their two kids at a kabob restaurant – we worked with them in Juarez and Michael was one of my favorite officers there.

Saturday night, we met up with our A-100 friend Carolyn at Harry’s, who is just back from Kathmandu. We had dinner with her and two of her friends from New York who were really fun and interesting.

The rest of the week was pretty low-key. We watched an interesting documentary in Area Studies called The Oath on Tuesday; the director was there for Q&A afterward. That night I piddled around with my new camera, learning how to use it, while John went to a magic lecture in Maryland.

On Saturday afternoon, I test drove a Cooper Mini, which was a lot of fun. I need to find a new, small car to take to Tel Aviv. Suggestions?

Speaking of Tel Aviv, John and I got our housing assignment and we are very happy. We’re across the street from the beach and just a few blocks from the Embassy. The apartment is tiny, but the location is fantastic! Click here for a photo of the building.

This week, John and I started using Hebrew for most of our discussions at home, which makes it interesting – and also makes for rather short conversations!

With Michael, Suzanne and family

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