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Miguel and Jasper

We’re so happy to have our good friends from Juarez back in DC! TFran and Michael (aka Miguel) returned this week. Although we aren’t neighbors with them, like we have been since 2007, it’s nice to have them in the same town again!

We met up with them at RT’s for a great Cajun dinner (she-crab soup, BBQ shrimp and shellfish in parchment), then went to their apartment afterwards to sit on the balcony overlooking Pentagon City and see their (grown up) puppy Jasper.

We also went out Friday night with our good friend Richard, who passed his Spanish test that day. We started out with drinks at Ris, then ended up on his balcony with a bottle of wine; our friend Carolyn joined us. It was lots of fun.

We started the week with a fun brunch last Sunday with our friends Mary and Tony – they had a big get-together, a great way to start (or end?) the week. We got to catch up with our friends Jim and Kellee, who are just back from Panama.

We pretty much just kept our heads down the rest of the week for Hebrew study. I also took Flavie back to the vet for her follow-up blood test, poor girl. She was quite brave.

I’m sad for my good friend Pam – her black standard poodle, Boo, passed away this week. She had him for 14 years, since he was a puppy. He would always sit in the front seat of the car and was so big he looked like a person! We’ll miss him; he was a great companion for many years for her.












Flavie wants to learn Hebrew, too!

A-100 girls at brunch

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