Feeling patriotic

At the Marine Parade

Friday night, John and I went to the Marine Barracks to see theĀ Marine Parade – it was just wonderful. I had met a young Marine a few weeks ago at a party and wanted to see him perform. He’s in the elite 24-personĀ Silent Drill Platoon, and they were just amazing. They have an incredible routine with their guns, absolutely silent except for the sound of their hands on the guns. Three Marine bands also performed – it was just a wonderful evening.

Tuesday evening, we had a Juarez reunion happy hour – lots of fun to see our former managers, Ray and Laura, as well as the usual suspects – highlighted by a guest appearance of Jeff, our first boss in NIV who happened to be in town from Canada.

The rest of the week was pretty calm. We had some rain, which cooled off the city a bit. We took a friend to the airport yesterday, and ran a couple of errands.

John is in his final two weeks of Hebrew classes before he moves on to a class on political and economic reporting.

To give you a flavor of Hebrew, I’d thought I’d mention a few basic things about the language – things that continue to trip me up:

The Hebrew word for “he” sounds like “who.”

The Hebrew word for “she” sounds like “he.”

The Hebrew word for “them” sounds like “him.”

Yes, it’s fun…

The girls of Juarez

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