The End of an Era

Kay and Annette head for Arkansas in the B-Mobile

After 20 years with the Volvo, she went home to Arkansas to live in the country with Kay. I’m so happy that she will have a good home, but it was so hard to let her go! What a great car…I bought her in January 1991. I was having lunch with my friend David S. in Little Rock at the Oyster Bar one day and told him I was looking for a Volvo. He told me that just the day before, he learned that a friend of his was selling a Volvo, and that was that.

The B-Mobile got John and me up and down icy hills during several snow storms in Little Rock. She was quite cool in 1993 with a big ol’ “car phone” installed. She waited patiently in storage for me while we were in Costa Rica in the ’90s. She drove John, me and two cats to DC when we joined the Foreign Service, then to Mexico and back (unfortunately without Noodle on the return trip). I couldn’t have asked for a better car! For more photos, click here.

Before Kay wrenched the keys from my hand, she and Annette and I had another busy and fun day of sightseeing. Annette went to the Holocaust Museum while Kay and I went to the National Art Gallery. We met up at the American History Museum where we saw the ruby red slippers and Julia Child’s kitchen. For photos from their visit, click here.

Monday night we had a Juarez happy hour with some CJ friends who were in DC for training. Tuesday night, I met my friend Pam for a nice dinner at Harry’s.

We went back to Harry’s Thursday night with our friend Marilyn from Little Rock, and had a great visit with her (wish Julia and Lucy could have been there, too!). What a treat! Marilyn reports that little Lucy is growing up to be sweet and beautiful, as evidenced by her photos of her.

Friday night we met Richard, Carolyn and Konstantin at the Blue Duck for a good-bye dinner, followed by a good visit on Richard’s patio. Richard is off for Colombia the day after we leave for Tel Aviv. Carolyn and Konstantin will be off to Ukraine in October.

Saturday night, we had a fun Mexican dinner with Pam, TFran and Miguel, followed by coffee at an outdoor cafe – the cooler evenings are perfect these days.

We’re sure going to miss our friends and family, but have been so lucky to spend time with them between assignments!

With Marilyn at Harry's

With Richard, Carolyn and Konstantin

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