Hebrew, check! Next stop, Tel Aviv!

Flavie studied Hebrew, too

I had my Hebrew test on Friday…after 31 weeks of study, I made it! I think the tests are pretty grueling – it’s two hours of speaking and reading in the target language. I was especially happy because I needed a 2/2 and got a 3/2+ – it was a nice way to end the course! We celebrated that night with a wonderful dinner at Smith and Wollensky’s in DC.

The rest of the week was deliberately calm. Last Sunday morning, John took me to see “Salt,” which was really fun. Monday, Flavie went for her last check up at the vet, and I FedEx’d her papers to the USDA for approval. Tuesday, I had a good visit over tea with my friend and neighbor Deb.

We’re also watching the second season of “Fringe,” a fun TV show that we rented through Netflix.

We are in the process of getting everything organized for the movers, who come tomorrow, so the apartment is in a state of controlled chaos right now.

We’ve also been enjoying John’s wonderful lattes again – we finally rescued his Miss Sylvia espresso machine from repairs.

Congrats to Ann, who opened her very own play with the Hendrix Players this week!

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