Shalom from Tel Aviv

Balcony view

We made it to Tel Aviv! We left DC on Tuesday, but our flight was delayed and we missed our connection in NYC. We spent a lovely night in Queens and went back to JFK the next afternoon. Delta was nice enough to upgrade us to business class, which made the trip much, much better.
Flavia made the trip just fine with the help of a little sedative. I had to take her out of her carrier twice to go through security, but she was no problem at all. She seems to love the new apartment and immediately started exploring.

We love the apartment. It’s on the sixth floor with a great ocean view from one side and a city view from the other. We can see the flag from the Embassy and it’s a quick walk to work. It’s also a little bigger than what we anticipated, so I think that all of the thousands of pounds that we shipped will fit in.

We were met at the airport by someone from the Embassy who whisked us through customs (um…after all the hoops I went through to get Flavia’s travel papers, wouldn’t someone like to look at them? Apparently not.) We have a great sponsor, Jen, another officer, who had groceries waiting for us in the apartment.

Our co-workers seem really nice – we went to the office on Friday to begin the orientation process. When we’re not at the visa window, the NIV officers work in an area that directly overlooks the ocean right behind the Embassy. Jen also arranged a get-together last night at a neat restaurant down on the beach – nice to start getting to know folks.

First foray to the water

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