Getting back in the swing of things

John at the Smithsonian American Art Gallery 

The first few days of the week were difficult – I was tired from my trip to Hot Springs, plus we changed Spanish professors and it took me several days to get used to the new instructor. But, I think I’m finally getting back in the swing of things.

I signed up for a foreign language exchange program through Georgetown, so I met a gentleman from Spain on Tuesday night to chat. We split our time between English, which he is trying to learn, and Spanish. We plan to meet once a week.

Last night, we went to a fun dinner party at our friends Rob and Della’s apartment here at the Oakwood.

Today, we went to the National Portrait Gallery/American Art Museum – I especially wanted to go back to see the folk art exhibit and the modern art gallery. Both were wonderful. One of my favorite pieces in the folk art gallery is by Howard Finster. The modern art wing was also wonderful, and of course, I’m always happy when I get to see works by Georgia O’Keefe (below). The photo of John above was taken in the courtyard in front of a waterfall of sorts – it only has about an inch incline, so it’s almost just a big puddle of water. Very cool.

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