Full swing

John and Jimmi at the Spanish department party

We had a couple of holiday parties this week, starting with our Spanish department party on Wednesday afternoon – a huge potluck with lots to eat and drink. I had to miss a party at a classmate’s house on Saturday night because I wasn’t feeling well (just a cold – John did go to the party and had a great time), but I rallied to go to a wonderful dinner party last night.

The dinner last night was interesting because it was given by two Senior Foreign Service Officers (also a tandem couple, like John and me). The woman was one of my examiners when I took the oral assessment in Chicago last year – we’ve run into them several times recently and sort of hit it off. It was a fun party and delicious food. The men were in suits or tuxes and the women had on sparkly things – it was fun to get dressed up and go to a “grown up” party. She had the table set with more crystal and silverware than I knew what to do with, but at the same time it was very comfortable and fun.

I’ve been trying to make it to the twice-a-week free yoga classes that our apartment complex has (I really need it after all I ate last night). I’ve missed yoga with my Nuvell friends. It’s really made me feel better, especially since I’m sitting in class so much during the day.

Tuesday was a marathon Spanish day. I had a progress evaluation in the afternoon, so that was basically a one-on-one two-hour class (I’m on track to finish in February, thank goodness). Afterwards, I met my Spanish buddy near the Rosslyn Metro and spent over an hour with him (he speaks English to me, and I reply in Spanish). Then John picked me up and we went with Jimmi to dinner at our favorite Vietnamese restaurant – we spoke in Spanish through dinner to help Jimmi practice for her final evaluation later in the week (she passed). By the end of the night, my brain was pooped.

Dave and Ramona at the Spanish party

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