Winter’s here

Just a few days ago, people were still on the beach…not anymore. Yesterday a storm moved in – the ocean is white and rolling, and the wind is incredible. I was crossing a street today and for a few seconds couldn’t make headway against the wind! It’s chilly, raining and thundering.

This was a tough week at work. We had a couple of ¬†people out, and I caught a cold, so I felt pretty miserable (feeling on the mend now). John went to the DCM’s house on Wednesday to hear an expert talk about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and peace process – he said it was really good (sorry I missed it).

Last Sunday, I scored another¬†bureaucratic¬†victory: I took the Corolla in for its annual inspection – success! It’s a funny process; you drive the car through a chute – sort of like going through a car wash – and along the way, they test your car for different things. You even drive over a pit with men underneath checking things.

I was so elated about surviving the process that I ventured to a grocery store I’ve been wanting to go to. I was in heaven – it’s the closest thing to a large American-style grocery that I’ve found. The selection is incredible! I think I spent over an hour just wandering around shopping.

Today I spent most of the day in the office working on some emergency visa cases. One of them was a young man was trying to fly out tonight for surgery in the US, so I went in to take care of him and his family. It was the first time I had done the visa process from start to finish by myself – it was a little scary, but it all turned out OK. Now, I just hope his plane can actually take off tonight in this weather.

I had a nice long chat with Dail and Nancy tonight; Dail seems to be recovering from his surgery. It was great to hear their voices!

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