Holidays? Really?

To be living in the Holy Land, it sure doesn’t feel like Christmas. It’s a little cooler, actually cool enough for a sweater and a scarf, but there are no signs of the holidays. I know that Judaism doesn’t exactly celebrate Christmas, but even Hanukkah came and went without fanfare (aside from the doughnuts in the lobby of our building).

The week went by in a blur of visa interviews. We both went in to the office today to try to get caught up – I don’t know where the days go.

Friday night was a treat – some friends of our manager in Juarez were in Tel Aviv, and we all went to dinner together. Bill and Jane were very interesting to meet and get to know. Bill was a neurologist in Oregon until he decided to devote more time to writing. He has written a financial book on asset allocation (that John read many years ago), among others. We went to The Old Man and the Sea – it’s south of Jaffo on the ocean and sort of a local institution, very colorful with large groups of families. The food is not spectacular, but it was a lot of fun, and our guests seemed to enjoy it.

Bill and Jane at The Old Man & the Sea


Flavie on her climbing tree

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