Welcome, 2011

Last day of 2010

2010 was our transitional year – we lived in Juarez, Arkansas, DC and Tel Aviv. We said goodbye to friends in Mexico, got to see old friends in Arkansas and DC, and made new friends in Israel. It was a good year!

We rang in the new year last night at Ben and Jen’s apartment (where we also celebrated Thanksgiving). Our very special treat of the evening was seeing Ale Petite, a good friend from Juarez who just moved to Tel Aviv. When we left Juarez, we didn’t think we would ever see her again, but she went to Baghdad to work for a few months and fell in love with a great guy who was on his way to work for the Embassy here in Tel Aviv…so here she is!

We also got to visit with Brian C., our friend and fellow FSO who is visiting Tel Aviv from Bulgaria. He’s here with his friend Camille, and they came by last night to visit – great to see them!

Last Sunday, we spent a nice, lazy afternoon on the patio at Dave and Emily’s apartment, eating and drinking champagne. Dave E., our friend from A-100 who is now posted in Jerusalem, was also there – he’s always a hoot to visit with.

Wednesday night we went to dinner at Doris with Ben, Jen, Steph and Abram and had a good meal and a jug of wine (really, a jug).

Thursday afternoon, we left work early and had a department brunch at a nice restaurant down the street. The food was good and champagne was flowing; it was a nice end to the work year!

We enjoyed New Year’s Eve day at home – it rained off and on throughout the day, and the clouds were pretty.

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