Merry Christmas

With Gobie

John and I thoroughly enjoyed a very lazy day on Christmas Day. We had great lattes andĀ omelettesĀ for breakfast and opened presents. We spent the morning and early afternoon reading, then popped the champagne and drank mimosas while we watched “Love Actually,” a great holiday movie. Later in the evening, we watched “Please Give,” with Catherine Keener, one of my favorite actresses.

I Skyped with cousin David in Diego Garcia, which I hadn’t done before, and, of course, we talked to our families.

The two nights leading up to the holiday were busy. On Thursday night, we went to a party at my boss’s house. The next night, we went upstairs in our building to a birthday party for Roya. Both were lots of fun, and we especially enjoyed the Mexican food at Roya’s. Click to see photos from the birthday party.

Tuesday at work, we had a “stairwell party.” Each floor set up tables on the stair landings and put out food and drink. It was very festive way to end the day.

Last Sunday, John and I, along with Melissa, Ann and Naz, trekked an hour or so north to the Carmel Winery for a nice wine tasting. It’s in a cute little town, and afterwards we went out for dinner there. The winery was the first one in Israel, and was started by Baron Rothschild in 1882. Interestingly, they had the first electricity and telephone there. It was very nice, and we brought home lots of wine. Click to see photos.

At Carmel Winery

John, Zvi and Charlie at Roya's party

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