Back to Hot Springs

John and I celebrated Christmas morning with our traditional champagne (this year mixed with pomegranate juice) then later in the afternoon I flew home to Hot Springs. John went to a classmate’s house for dinner that afternoon and said it was a lot of fun. Mom and I spent Wednesday shopping for more things for her new house, then she had surgery on her carotid artery on Thursday. Luckily, it went well, and I was able to bring her home on Friday morning. She’s been a good patient, and it was a good opportunity to visit with my good friends Ann and Pamela. We also had a great visit with my cousin Alison, who came over Friday night for a nice visit.

Besides taking care of Mom, I’ve been running errands and trying to get things put away at the new house, etc. Lots to do, and I’m anxious to get back to DC to rest! But I’m glad I was able to be here to help some.

Before I left DC, John and I went to see the movie, The Kite Runner. It was an incredible book and the movie was wonderful, too.

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