Dinner with Leslie

It was great to get to visit with Leslie while she was in Baltimore this past Wednesday night – we got caught up on all the Nuvell news. It’s always wonderful to see a familiar face, especially hers!

Spanish is much better this week because I got a fabulous new teacher from Venezuela – I’m quite happy. I also met with my Spanish buddy Manuel for the first time since the Christmas break; he brought his wife, too – she is trying to learn English. They are both really nice folks and he is a good teacher, too. The more I learn, though, the more I realize how very far I have to go!

We went to a good tapas restaurant Friday night with Jimmi, Della and Robert – we always enjoy visiting with them. I had a couple of eggplant and lamb dishes, while John went for the interesting choices of octopus and rabbit. We skipped happy hour Thursday night because it was cold and rainy, and opted for take-out Vietnamese soup instead – the pho here has become one of my favorite things, especially on cold nights.

Here’s a cute photo of John and Noodle, taken last night after John got home from a magic workshop – he’s really enjoyed meeting some of the local magicians here.

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