Moving into spring

We passed the equinox this week, and it is starting to feel like spring here in Tel Aviv, despite a couple of rainy days earlier in the week. The weekend has been gorgeous.

Tuesday night, I went to the DCM’s residence to hear a talk by Israel’s first Bedouin (i.e., nomadic, Muslim, Arab) diplomat, Ismael Khadi. He was fascinating. Click for more information about him.

Thursday night, I went to our girls’ book club where we discussed Betty Friedan’s The Feminine Mystique, as best that seven working, child-free women could do.

Friday afternoon, we had a small happy hour at work, then, John and I had dinner with Petite and Howard, and Mike and Katie at a nice Italian restaurant.

The rest of the week was pretty low-key. I made a trip to the “big” grocery store last Sunday. John took me out to dinner to Whitehall on Wednesday. Saturday we got caught up on some “Mad Men” episodes and I started reading “She’s Come Undone” again.

I also came across an NPR review of a new Broadway show about Mormons, written by the South Park guys. It looks delicious!

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