A visit from Joan!

The highlight of the week was a great visit from our good friend Joan (our neighbor in Costa Rica, who now lives a couple of blocks from Mike and Wayne in San Antonio). She was in town for a conference, and came over with her friend Craig for drinks, then dinner at Huong Viet in the Eden Center. We had an excellent evening, and Noodle was glad to see her, too!

John and I were put in different Spanish classes than we were in prior to the Quito trip, so we spent the week getting adjusted to new classmates and new teachers. One afternoon I shuttled over to Main State to pick up our diplomatic passports with newly minted Mexican visas; another afternoon I met with my Spanish buddy Manuel and his wife. On Thursday, John and I went back downtown to start our consultations with folks in the Department who deal with issues specific to Mexico. Over the next few weeks, we’ll meet with about a dozen different people to get updates on what’s going on in Juarez.

We are really in the countdown to leaving! It’s hard to believe. We test drove some SUVs today, because the plan is to sell the Saab for something a bit more up to the task of Mexican roads.

I took the cats to the vet this morning for shots and to get their international health certificates. They weren’t happy about going, but they behaved nicely. The vet was great, and let me listen to Noodle’s heart murmur as compared to Flavia’s normal heartbeat – the difference is incredible. But she said they were both in great shape, and we’ll continue Noodle’s daily dose of Lasix with prescription food to help his kidneys.

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