New sheriff in town

Our new Ambassador arrived this week, so John will be moving into high gear. We went to a small reception Friday night and had a chance to meet him. He’s a young, personable man with credentials a mile long – and fluent in Hebrew. John looks forward to working with him.

Last Sunday afternoon, we went to a party upstairs at Howie and Ale’s apartment. Ale is going back to Juarez for a few weeks and wanted to see everyone before she left. I’m jealous that she will get to see so many of our Juarez friends!

Yesterday, John did a coffee roasting demo on Dave and Emily’s balcony (I passed because I had work to do at the office). He said it was a lot of fun, and he sent everyone home with samples of his coffee. This is a hobby he’s been doing since before we joined the foreign service, and he’s gotten really good at it – luckily, I can reap the benefits!

The rest of the week was very low-key – mostly just worked and came home. We both got a lot of reading done (well, that’s always true for John).

I’ve been enjoying our apartment pool this week. I’m not much of a water person, but we have a gorgeous saltwater pool overlooking the ocean, and usually there aren’t a lot of people using it. I went up everyday this week after work to just float and relax – I call it my water therapy. Just 20 minutes and I feel so relaxed!

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