Enjoying the view

Last Sunday, my friends Jen and Rebecca went with me to a small shopping center in Hertzliya. We went for brunch and to shop – we had a good time, but we were expecting a big place on the ocean – instead, it was just a couple of blocks in a small village (with no ocean view, despite its name “Ocean View”). At any rate, we had a nice brunch at a little cafe and visited the jewelry shop of Sigal Meshorer and saw her beautiful designs, which was pretty much the point of the trip.

Afterwards, I introduced the ladies to the joy of the duty free store here in Tel Aviv.

We watched a good movie this week with Robert Duvall and Bill Murray, “Get Low.”

The rest of the week was calm. John is adjusting to his new schedule with the Ambassador. Some nights he gets home at a normal time, and other times he is past 7 PM – just depends on what is going on.

I don’t think I told this story last week…John learned that the new Ambassador likes Diet Mountain Dew, which is not available in Israel. John arranged to have a 12-pack shipped over and had it waiting in the refrigerator. One of the Ambassador’s first questions to John was about the availability of Diet Mountain Dew in Israel. John said no, we don’t have it here…but you might find a surprise in the fridge! Definitely got him off on the right foot.

Friday was my manager’s birthday, and I set up a cake and a small celebration for her. Unfortunately, I got called back to ACS for an emergency passport, and missed the whole thing! Oh, well…so it goes.

For my American friends, I’d like to pass on a piece of advice. When you are in a foreign country and have a question about the country that can only be answered by the Ministry of the Interior of said country, please do not come to the American Embassy and scream at the Vice Consul (me) about why I don’t know the answer. Avoid the following phrases: I am an American citizen! You have to help me! I pay your salary! What do you mean you don’t know? It’s your job to know!

Just sayin’.

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