It’s not the heat…

We’re definitely in full-swing summer here in Tel Aviv, but it’s not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Highs in the low 90s with a good dollop of humidity, but nothing like what the folks back home are experiencing. Add a nice ocean breeze and most of the time it’s fine – unless you are out walking in the sun.

Last Sunday, our friend Carlos came over in the morning to watch John roast coffee. Afterwards, we walked down the beach to Manta Ray to meet Mary, Jimmy and Will for brunch. It’s great to get to see our friends from the Consulate in Jerusalem.

We had book club at our house on Thursday evening. The group read a book on water – very interesting discussion and a good turnout.

Last night we set up a video call with John’s family, who were celebrating Pete and Ginger’s 50th wedding anniversary. It was fun to see the family – Phillip, Michele and the twins; Cathy, Bruce and Melissa from Texas; Aunt Roberta; Marcia and Brad. The internet has come a long way since we were in Costa Rica and had a painfully slow dial-up connection just to receive email! Technology really makes being away from home so much easier.

After the call, we headed up the hill to a co-worker’s birthday party – good fun and conversation. He had a clever drink menu made up  – I tried his Greentini: pear vodka with pear water, mint and lemon. Very refreshing! It made me want to look for a mint plant so I can add some mint leaves to the water pitcher in the fridge.

We watched a couple of fun movies this week: “The Lincoln Lawyer” and “Unknown.”

Authorities in Mexico this week captured the man who allegedly was involved in the murders of our Consulate friends in Ciudad Juarez last year. He said in an interview, “I called our partners, the Aztecas. … They had made the determination to kill them thinking they were part of the opposing side. Afterward, we learned they had nothing to do with it.”

Cold comfort to Lesley’s baby girl who will never know what a beautiful mom she had.


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