Hasta la vista!

Friday was a very sad day for John and me – he left Tel Aviv to go back to the States for training, then he will go on to Pakistan from there. We made it a normal work day, had dinner one last time together at Whitehall, then he set off to the airport. Here’s John with our two favorite waitresses, Liat and Joanna.

Our favorite waitresses, Liat and Joanna










He made it to DC just fine and is settled into his apartment in Crystal City. Class starts Monday.

While we do not like being apart, it is exciting to think that our new adventure is beginning.

And, while saying goodbye is not fun, we have had so many kind gestures made on our behalf the last few weeks.

Thursday night was our last book club, and we were surprised when our core group presented John with a nice bottle of wine, flowers and a card signed by everyone – so sweet! Perhaps the best thing about book club is knowing that one of the members is taking it over so that John’s hard work can continue!

Last book club in Tel Aviv











Also, we were very happy and honored this week when the Deputy Chief of Mission and his wife had us over for a dinner party to say goodbye to John. We thought we were going for a casual dinner with them, but we had a lovely dinner for ten instead! John and Tom, the DCM, have worked together very well and sometimes eerily know the same obscure references to books. Tom’s wife Eden has made us feel welcome since we arrived – they are just a great couple, and we feel lucky to get to serve with them.

Last Monday, we took advantage of the holiday and drove to the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem. It was a dreary, rainy day, and while the museum is not exactly uplifting, it was well-done and we were glad that we went. On the way out of town, we stopped to say ‘bye to Dave.

This morning I took Flavie back to the vet – for several months now, she has been losing hair, poor girl. We ran blood tests back in October and then again today – the vet suspects hyperthyroidism. We’ll know more when the results come back – if that is the case, there are some treatments available for it, thank goodness.

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