Nobody here but us chickens

So this was Week One without John here – we’ve talked daily except for Tuesday when my Vonage connections went kapoot. Luckily I still had an internet connection, so I emailed John photographs of all of the mysterious modems and other boxes with cables going in and out! He was able to review the photos and email me back with a solution – whew!

For this first week, at least, I’ve sort of enjoyed just staying home. I’m trying to hit the gym every morning to walk on the treadmill, and I’ve signed up for an on-line yoga class. Keep your fingers crossed that I will keep it up!

Yesterday morning I went for breakfast with Petit and Howie – we dodged the rain and walked up to Benedict’s where we had a leisurely breakfast. So many folks like Petit and Howie are checking in on me to be sure everything is ok – it’s nice.

Neighbors Bill and Diane went to Petra this weekend, so I was able to steal the kitten and bring her down to visit – she’s just so darn cute (although loud!).

Those of you who have known me for a long time know my good friend Mike who lives in San Antonio. He and his partner Wayne have been together for 27 years (how is that possible? We’re not that old, are we???), and on December 28, ¬†they were able to legally tie the knot during their annual trip to NYC for the holidays. I’m so thrilled for them and my only regret is that I wasn’t there to celebrate with them. But I’m celebrating from Tel Aviv – here’s a toast to two beautiful people who I am glad to have in my life and happy to call friends! Read more about it on Mike’s blog.

MIke and Wayne on their wedding day


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