Winter in Tel Aviv

January Ocean


The weather here has been windy, chilly and rainy a lot this week, alternated with bright sunny days. Today the wind and rain made for a beautiful ocean filled with whitecaps.


Today was my last outing with my photography class. We bundled up and finished right about the time it started raining. We walked around one of the first Tel Aviv neighborhoods, Neve Tzedek (Oasis of the Righteous), where we saw great old buildings, outdoor art and several cats.

Photography Class









Yard Art in Neve Tzedek















Monday was a holiday, so we were off work – I spent the day reading and watching Australian Open tennis.

Friday was a pretty day, so my boss Juan and I walked up to the market so he could buy pomegranates. We stopped on the way back and ate lunch at a sidewalk cafe.

Last night I went to Ben and Jen’s for a chili supper – fun!

Here’s a photo of Flavia looking suspiciously at the kitten who was visiting us last Sunday.

Flavie and Fizzgig


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