Happy birthday, LJ!

Mom and Tiger


So Mom’s birthday isn’t until tomorrow, but better early than late! Happy birthday!

The week was a busy one. Last Sunday I went to brunch with neighbors Bill and Diane, Stacy, King and Michael. We walked down to Neve Tzedek and had a nice brunch at Dalal. It was a beautiful sunny day. We came home through the Carmel Market (where I bought some delicious hard goat cheese), then I peeled off from the group to go get a manicure/pedicure. After that, I went for a hair cut.

Tuesday night, the ELOs headed up to Hertzliya after work to the DCM’s residence to hear an interesting speaker. He’s blind and Arab – not a good combination in Israel. He’s an exceptional young man who has started a non-profit organization to help the blind, particularly the Arab community. He’s lobbying for handicap access to public buildings, etc. I wish him luck.

I worried a lot this week about Flavia, for a variety of reasons. Number one, I have been very worried about getting her to Pakistan this summer. I finally found a good flight that will let me take her in the cabin with me!

We went back to the vet today for her rabies shot, in preparation for leaving Tel Aviv. She is still losing hair and we still don’t know why. Her blood work is good and she seems perfectly normal in her behavior. The vet suspects she is stressed and is grooming excessively (we looked at her hair under the microscope and it’s broken off, not falling out). What do you do with a stressed cat?


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