Not so fast

Making sushi last week

I guess Mother Nature wasn’t quite ready for spring, because we had another few days of very windy and wet weather last week – hopefully it’s over!

Here’s a photo from the sushi party last week – it was during the Purim holiday, when you are supposed to wear costumes. Our host, Ray, was in a pink too-too!

Last Sunday, my pleasant walk down the beach to Jaffa turned into two hours of wandering around lost, trying to find a place that frames pictures. I finally found it, thanks to the help of a local staff friend who called to give me directions.

Last weekend, rockets started coming out of Gaza – which don’t come anywhere near Tel Aviv – but on Monday I had to work on getting an emergency message out for travelers.

I am in the process of getting my medical clearance to go to Pakistan; as part of that,  I wanted to have a colonoscopy. Not the most pleasant procedure, but my results were normal. Luckily, the medical care here in Israel is very good. I did the test last Wednesday morning, then took the rest of the day off to recover. I spent part of the time up at Rob’s watching a movie with his kitties.

Thursday night I went to the Thai House with Petit and Katie – a good girls’ night out.

Friday night, my manager Juan and I went to Hotel Montefiore for drinks after work – a good way to unwind!



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