Spring has sprung!

It looks like the chilly wet weather may be behind us – the weather has been amazing this last week! People are coming back to the beach, and while still a bit “air-ish,” it is sunny and gorgeous.

This was a long week for me, but did have some nice highlights.

Last Sunday night, I went to a dinner at Kimberlee’s apartment. Kim works at USAID, so I visited with my friends from there and met a few new folks. Turns out Kim is a great cook, so we have a mini feast with salmon, roasted chicken and salads – delicious!

Friday night I went to Ben and Jen’s for a sushi dinner. We had lessons in rolling sushi, and stuffed them with veggies, tuna and chicken – the best part, of course, was enjoying the fruits of our labor!

And last night I went to a fun party at Petit and Howie’s to celebrate Petit getting her green card! Lots of fun.

Thursday afternoon we had Consular Leadership activities that I was in charge of. Everything turned out fine, despite all of my worrying and fretting!

I’m on cat duty this week for both Rob and Diane, so I’m making the rounds. I took a movie up to Rob’s yesterday (“Master and Commander”) and his big black cat sat on my lap for most of it. Then I got Diane’s kitty and brought her down to play for the day – she is so cute, although Flavie doesn’t seem to share my opinion!

Liz came over from Jerusalem and spent the night last night. We just had a nice breakfast together at Miztada. Now I’m off for a nice walk down the beach to Jaffa to enjoy this beautiful weather!

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