I get paid for this?

This was a fun week at work, and I do have to pinch myself sometimes to be sure I’m doing what I’m doing and getting paid for it!

This week I was in class for counter-terrorism training – I am getting this type of training because we’ll be in Pakistan. We got lots of great information. We spent a day and a half on medical training, among other things, then we headed to West Virginia. For two and a half days, we learned about and practiced with firearms, explosives and evasive driving (the course is lovingly called “crash and bang” and that pretty much sums it up!). It was all fun, as well as informative. Of course, the driving was the most fun part – you’re on a controlled course and under the supervision of a professional driver. We learned and practiced some great techniques – and I got to drive a combat Humvee! By the end of the week, I was pretty exhausted – it’s both mentally and physically stressful.

Rodney, Moi, Ayse, Cathy and Roger

When I got back to DC on Friday night, I was happy to see my good friend Cathy, who had arrived and stayed in my apartment after I left on Wednesday. (She spent the night with me on Friday, then moved into her own apartment in my building on Saturday.) We yakked for a while, then met up with some Juarez folks for dinner in Court House – great to see my NIV Chief Roger and his wife Ayse, as well as my ACS Chief Rodney. We had a great dinner then bid Roger and Ayse farewell, as they are leaving for Azerbaijan soon.

Last Saturday I went to the American History Museum and wandered around for a few hours – it’s always fun to see the Ruby Red Slippers from the “Wizard of Oz,” plus I saw Scarecrow’s mask and shoes – obviously lots of cool stuff there.

Yesterday, Cathy and I ventured out for lunch and some shopping, then topped off the evening with dinner at RT’s, my favorite restaurant around here – yum!

Flavie is doing well – she even came out while Cathy was here, once I got back home.




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