Hot, hot, hot

Summer is definitely here – the Northeast is having a heat wave, and lots of people don’t have power due to a big storm Friday night (I managed to sleep straight through it). That said, John is getting a taste of summer in Islamabad which has been in triple digits for a month or so now. Ouch! The folks back home in Arkansas are also in triple digits – seems like it’s just hot everywhere.

I had a good week of consular training this week, and really enjoyed the class and my classmates.

I met my friend Pam in Clarendon on Tuesday night for dinner – it was a beautiful night, so we sat outside (the heat didn’t kick in until later in the week).

Wednesday night, Cathy and I had dinner at Montana Ted’s, then Friday night, she and I went to Jaleo’s for dinner – a really good tapas bar.

Yesterday I braved the heat and went to the National Gallery of Art – saw three good exhibits:┬áMir├│ paintings, a neat photography exhibit, and works by George Bellows (the Bellows exhibit had a large painting on loan from Crystal Bridges Museum in Arkansas!).

I watched some Wimbledon tennis this weekend, and got really interested in the men and women’s gymnastics competitions, gearing up for the Summer Olympics – fun!

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