To market, to market

Barber Shop, Nathia Gali

This was a pretty low-key week since John and I are both getting over colds. We have medicine from the health unit to treat the symptoms, but we’ve had fairly low energy.

That said, we did manage to get out for a few fun get-togethers.

Last Sunday, we went to a going away party for an Embassy employee. The party was held at the home of a woman who works for the International School here. We met lots of non-Embassy people, including teachers from the school and folks from other embassies and the U.N.

My predecessor in my job left this week, so I’m really on my own now and moved into my office. She really helped me a ┬álot the last few weeks to prepare me for the job. We had a going away lunch for her that the local staff put together – very nice.

Friday was John’s boss’s last day in the office before he and his wife move to Karachi for their next tour. We really liked both of them and I hate to see them go. There was a big happy hour at the American Club for him that night that was a lot of fun.

Our friend Mike from Tel Aviv arrived this week – how fun to see a familiar face! He and some othe folks are coming over for a welcome brunch this morning, so I did some cooking yesterday.

Oh! Also yesterday, John took Brett and me to the market. It was my first outing to go shopping here. The “market” is more like a strip mall with a couple of small grocery stores, a fruit/vegetable store, a meat market, housewares store, etc. The grocery stores are actually pretty well stocked with both Western and local foods – I was very happy. Between these stores and the commissary at work, we’re in pretty good shape. After shopping, we sat down at Gloria Jean’s and had a latte – it really felt like I was back in the US!


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