Back to normal

Roses with bee

Things are pretty much back to normal here. We did close early Friday because of planned protests and street closures, but they all concluded peacefully. In fact, John and I were able to go out to dinner that night with friends – we had a very good Asian meal.

Last Sunday we went to brunch with our friend Rick. Afterwards we went to the jewelry store I like so much where I bought a nice peridot and citrine bracelet. On the way home, John dropped me off at the salon where I had a manicure. A good day!

Wednesday my boss hosted a lunch for folks from other embassies, so I met counterparts from Germany, United Kingdom, Australia and France. It was nice to meet them and compare work stories.

I was happy to see my air shipment finally wind its way out of customs. It was delivered on Wednesday, so I took the afternoon off to unpack. I also spent time Friday afternoon unpacking clothes and trying to find space for it all. We have a big house, but not a lot of hanging space.

Last night we went to a going-away party for our friend Gene. He brews beer, so we got to sample several different flavors (I had a blueberry-wheat that was delicious) – it was fun to get out and socialize a bit.

I’m posting some photos of the flowers in our yard. I was describing the red velvety flower to Mom – she thought it might be an allium, but my Google search calls it a celosia. They grow two to three feet tall, and the flowers are more like velvet-covered stalks. Very pretty. Here are a few shots of it, along with roses and one of our flower beds.














Celosia, roses and marigolds with guard house in background
































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